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“Providing a recruitment solution nationwide in the logistics industry 24/7

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Lorry driving in UK


About the Company...

Phoenix Personnel continues its investment program in new technologies to provide its clients with absolute confidence and security when selecting our agency as its preferred supplier for its temporary worker needs.

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The business prides itself on the level of service provision and support it can offer its clients. We are proud to be able to offer our clients documentary evidence validating our workers prior to driver selection, whilst they are on shift and even years after the duty has been completed.

The Business recognises that its clients are entitled to recognise their driver when he or she arrives to book on at the transport office. They must also be confident that personnel have been properly interviewed and tested with all licences, experience, credentials and personal information fully validated prior to the individuals appointment to the agencies temporary worker register. In addition to the above checks, the worker’s previous twenty eight day working history must be recorded and validated daily to provide further confidence that the temporary staff member has benefited from all the regulated rest requirements in preparation for their next duty.

In short, workers selected from Phoenix will be qualified, have appropriate experience, be correctly licensed and be legal to perform the duties as described to the agency at the time of booking. The level of service underpinning the personnel supplies made from Phoenix acknowledges the need from and brings into effect, a new dimension in client support and professionalism hitherto unknow from subcontracted suppliers to the industry.

Telephone contact with experienced, informed planning staff 24/ 7 The agency does not employ nor does it reply upon faceless answer phone systems to communicate with their clients. We use the latest technologies to maintain constant communication with all our clients. When we use the term ‘clients’ it includes both our operator customer base and our registered workers. We provide unprecedented service to all and in return enjoy reliability, Loyalty and support.

When you are supplied by a Phoenix Personnel registered worker you can be sure the he / she will have been vetted to guarantee they are :-

·         Legally entitled to work and properly equipped to work
·         Professionally qualified experience and licenced for the work
·         Rested and have conformed with and enjoyed all statutory rest obligations
·         Fully briefed to comply with the employers known requirements
·         Free of all impediments constraining there entitlement to work
·         Fully supported by a well organised and professional administration system 24/7 with           auditable data held on file for at least 24 months
·         Polite Enthusiastic Respectful Friendly Efficient Cheerful Tactful




Phoenix Personnel is accredited with following organisations within the business;

FTACEJ Training

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